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The Travel Blog Project is a Collaborative Online Marketing Effort for Travel Agents.

The Travel Blog Project is now live and looking for 100 or more travel agents to participate in a 100 day blogging and social media marketing effort. Agents that participate in the Travel Blog Project will brand themselves online as travel experts in their niche through blogging, social media posting, email campaigns and search engine optimization of their websites.

Each weekday participating agents will receive "The Daily Post" which will provide the theme of the day to create four or five sentences around and then post on their Blog, Facebook or Twitter. We will individually and collectively develop travel agent best practices to generate sales using the Internet and social media. Success will be measured by number of leads, new email addresses and web traffic to the agent’s blog and website.

George Oberle, founder of the Travel Blog Project stated “The travel agent industry is once again at a turning point. Suppliers are questioning the power of travel agents to adapt to new online marketing channels in the effort to generate sales. Yet, travel agents have an incredible opportunity to sell ‘better travel’ simply by telling their story consistently through posting on their blogs, social media sites and sending bi-monthly email campaigns.”

Many travel agents are either unsure how to get started branding themselves online or lack the discipline or creativity to post on a regular basis. The Travel Blog Project will provide the structure, consistency, posting ideas and themes to help travel agents become better online marketers.

Oberle further said “Travel Agents are not insignificant! They are the most powerful marketing force in travel. Yet, the game has changed and agents know it. Marketing travel is now a multi-channel online effort including blogging, social media posting, websites and email. The key to building a thriving travel practice is communicating the unique value YOU provide on a consistent basis to as many people as you can by methodically increasing your online footprint.”

Participation in the Travel Agent Blog Project is FREE! Travel Agents must have or be willing to create a Blog, Facebook business fan page, Twitter account and spend at least 15 minutes per day posting to them. To sign up for the Travel Blog Project, visit

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About The Travel Blog Project:
The Travel Blog Project will be a collaborative 100 day marketing effort to help travel agents individually and the participants collectively, develop best practices generating sales using the Internet. We will share knowledge and learning among ourselves in the Blog Project Knowledge Bank created on the website. We will all benefit from each others’ experience. While no one can guarantee you will make money, we do think agents will become better online marketers as a result of participating.

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Participation in the Travel Agent Blog Project is FREE!
You must have a Blog, Facebook business fan page and a Twitter account.
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