Friday, January 11, 2019

Delivery of S-400 air defence systems to India won’t be hit by US sanctions, says Russian minister

The US threat of sanctions won't delay Russia's delivery of S-400 air defence systems to India and both countries have exercised alternative arrangements for obligations, Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov stated on Wednesday.Russia considers India's part in the evolution of

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Afghanistan is"indispensible", Ryabkov advised a small group of Indian journalistsafter US President Donald Trump mocked India's development support for the war-torn nation. Russian officials have said the very first delivery under the 5.4-billion price for its S-400 programs will be drawn up in

2020."You will rest assured that our responsibilities and responsibilities under the contract will be fully honoured and India will obtain this method as agreed upon in due time and with no delay," Ryabkov stated, without placing a time for deliveries.Russian and indian specialists handling military deals possess"almost all vital tools", such as alternative methods of obligations, he said, adding it'll be counter-productive to openly talk about schedules for payments."The political message is

significant though -- we wish to be resistant to the unilateral measures which are accepted by several countries against quite legitimate forms of global cooperation," explained Ryabkov.Russia, he said, knows India's"crucial part in Afghanistan" and frees the nation's involvement in all efforts aimed at reconciliation and peaceful settlement of this circumstance.  "We're very much in sync with India with this very important matter."Ryabkov stated it is required to have a conversation with the Taliban.

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