Travel Blog Project

Are you thinking about starting your own travel blog? Great! The travel industry offers attractive options for bloggers since the industry is much fragmented and lets you easily create unique content.

How to find a travel blog niche

It all starts with identifying your individual niche. While the competition in top categories is intense, there are many opportunities available to exploit an attractive niche. Identifying your niche usually involves combining at least two of the factors below:

  • Pick a travel segment: Figure out if you want to write about airlines, hotels, accommodation in general, trip reports, cruises or one of the many options.
  • Set a geographical focus: In many cases it makes sense to opt for a certain geographical area to become more specialized and to set your blog apart from the intense competition in the main areas. You could for example blog about hotels in Chicago.
  • Think about your potential audience: Your readers are the cornerstone of your travel blog’s success. Usually it makes sense to aim at a specific target group and to arrange the layout of your website accordingly. Think about who will likely read your travel blog.

Find your name

To achieve a high listing in the search engine result pages it is always recommendable to include relevant keywords user would enter into the search engine directly to the blog title. This stage also involves carrying out research to find a good domain name (hosting plan) or subdomain (free blog platform) – again, relevant keywords should be included in the domain.

Set up the blog

Starting your own travel blog is easy from a pure technical perspective. With a free blog platform, you can start momentarily. You also need as little as zero investment to set up your blog. However, an individual hosting plan offers you more freedom.

Free blog platforms

If you are starting your first own travel blog, this is likely the first option to consider. On major platforms like or you get a free blog instantly which allows you to focus on producing high-class content. However, free blog platforms have their downsides. The freedom to alter your blog – e.g. adjusting the design or adding new features – is limited or only available by switching to premium plan. Also, you are dependent on the blog platform. Basically they own your blog and free blog options do not include your own domain name.

Hosting plan

Hosting is cheap today. For this reason you should consider to move to a professional web hosting service from the beginning on. Most web hosting providers offer a 1-click-installation of blog software – that means you don’t have to worry with technical questions. When you become more advanced during the time your blog grows a professional web hosting offers you a lot of freedom. You can install individual themes to your blog, add great plugins or even develop interactive features.